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Our Services

STORM Loss Consultants is a national management consultant firm specializing in Insurance Replacement. We have assisted our clients in filing claims all across the nation and manage the complete process with no money out- of- pocket to our clients. We work with all insurance companies and are known as one of the
toughest negotiators in the industry. Most property owners are not familiar with the claim process nor
do they know how to choose a company to mitigate their loss. We are changing that by providing
property and business owners with one source to deal with the complete process.

We pride ourselves in
providing unparalleled representation and keeping our clients informed throughout the entire process.
We consult our clients, handle all mitigations and negotiations with the insurance company, and manage
the contracting process with only the most qualified and skilled professionals. We take the headache out
of dealing with this process, and leave our clients saying how they will “Never file a claim without us!."